Privacy statement

We are A Bunch of Hacks, the team behind Epicinium. We are not interested in your personal data; we only store what we need for you to play Epicinium and for us to improve it. We are happy to explain what data we collect, how we store it and what we use it for, as we generally do not believe in security through obscurity and we sure as hell don't believe in a business model where we profit from your data.

In order to be able to play Epicinium, you need to register an account. Currently, you can only register an account in the game client. We ask for your email address, a username and a password. These are transmitted securely using a Let's Encrypt TLS-encrypted connection. Your password is hashed with a SHA-512 algorithm before transmission, so we never get to see it. By communicating to us over the internet (Epicinium is an online-only game), you also implicitly transmit to us your IP address.

Once this data arrives at our server (we use a TransIP VPS located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands), we generate a hash and salt for your already-hashed password using the industry-standard PHP bcrypt password_hash implementation. Then, we store that and the rest of the data in a MySQL database. Your IP address is generally not stored in the database, except in particular cases where we can use it for a specific security purpose. For example, at an unsuccessful login attempt we store the IP address of the attempter so we can later verify that it was you or block the perpetrator. We also sometimes store a timestamp for debugging and support purposes, such as the last time you successfully logged in. The server is secured through best practices, including a firewall and an intrusion prevention system. The database is regularly backed up to prevent accidental data loss.

Additionally, we keep server logs that log the interaction between your Epicinium game client and our game server. These logs are occasionally used to help us with debugging and tracking down problems. For example, if we find out people are having trouble logging in, if we think there is a bug in the software, or if we receive a complaint from another player about your in-game behavior, we sometimes take a look at these logs to find out what's going on. These logs may contain timestamps, your username, IP address and in-game chat messages.

We use your email address only for the following purposes:

If the Discord application is running while you play Epicinium, the applications will share some information to enable Discord Rich Presence functionality, specifically: your username on both services and metadata on what you're doing in-game (waiting in a lobby, or playing versus AI on a specific map, for instance). If you don't want this, you can disable Discord Rich Presence in the Epicinium settings menu (or just don't run Discord). This functionality will only activate after the first login in Epicinium.

We handle your data with care. We would expect no less concerning our own personal data. We will never sell your data to third parties. We will not share your data with third parties, except strictly for the express purposes outlined above (for example, we use Google Groups to send our weekly updates).

We use your data on the basis of legitimate interest, as we need it to be able to offer you a functional and secure online game. Our use of your email address for sending updates (only when you opt in) is based on your consent.

Information in our database dates back to March 2018, while our server logs date back to November 2017. We currently do not have a fixed time period for data retention because we need to retain it in order for you to play Epicinium. Note however that you can always contact us to delete your account, request an overview of your data, or remove all the personal data we have of you (as well as any other GDPR right, whether you're an EU citizen or not).

If you have any questions, requests or complaints regarding your personal data or how we handle it, please don't hesitate to email us at support@epicinium.nl.

— Daan and Sander (A Bunch of Hacks)